Truth Week Day Three: A Woman’s Right to Choose

“Truth Week” is Noam Bramson’s weeklong effort to get Republican Rob Astorino to address important issues facing Westchester County. On Monday, Bramson challenged Astorino to explain his decision to bring gun shows back to the County Center. On Tuesday, he challenged Astorino explain his proposal for Playland. No answers have yet been offered. Today, Bramson asks Astorino to explain his views on reproductive rights.

Last year, Republican Rob Astorino vetoed a bill to provide Westchester women with safe access to health care clinics. Earlier this year, he opposed the Women’s Equality Act, because of a provision protecting a woman’s right to choose. But Astorino has not clearly defined his own views on a subject of vital importance to many Westchester residents.

“I believe that decisions about reproductive health care should be made by women and not imposed by the government,” said New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson. “We are all entitled to our own opinions about this subject, and I fully respect different viewpoints,” continued Bramson, “but when public officials seek to force their view on others, we have a right to know where they stand.”

Rob Astorino should tell the people of Westchester:

1. Do you believe in the Constitutional protections established by Roe v. Wade?

2. Do you believe a woman should be permitted to end a pregnancy if her health is at risk?

3. Do you believe that women who are the victims of rape or incest should be permitted to end a pregnancy?

4. Would you sign legislation that protects women from bullying and harassment when they attempt to access reproductive health services?