Bramson Campaign Calls for Astorino to Take “Pants on Fire” Ads Off the Air Immediately

Republican Rob Astorino’s credibility on taxes was dealt a major blow yesterday when his latest television, radio, and mail advertisements were slammed by the Westchester Fair Campaign Practices Committee for a series of blatantly false statements. In response to the ruling, Noam Bramson’s campaign demanded that Astorino pull the ads from the air immediately.

Astorino’s ads make five distinct false claims, each of which was ruled “unfair” by the Fair Campaign Practices Committee. Contrary to Astorino’s false assertions, the Committee found that New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson never raised the sales tax, never raised the library tax, and never raised the sewer tax; also, that Bramson did not give himself a free car and did not give himself healthcare for life.

“Republican Rob Astorino just got caught with his pants on fire,” said Bramson campaign spokesman Barry Caro. “Lying once in a thirty-second advertisement is bad enough, but lying five times makes clear that this was a deliberate attempt to mislead voters about taxes. Westchester deserves better than a County Executive who just makes up facts and figures to pad an attack ad.”

“Astorino should immediately pull his ‘unfair’ ads from the air,” said Caro. “If he refuses, then Westchester residents — and the press — will know that Rob Astorino can’t be trusted, especially on taxes.”

The Fair Campaign Practices Committee is an independent, non-partisan board, established by the League of Women Voters to “promote a climate in which candidates conduct honest and fair campaigns.” As per FCPC rules, the entirety of its ruling is available on our website.