Throughout the campaign, Noam will be visiting restaurants across Westchester County on recommendations from all of you and reporting back on them. We’ve received dozens of restaurant suggestions already, and need you to keep sending in what your neighborhood favorite is. This is the third dispatch from those visits.


This “find” is almost literally around the corner from my house, but until my friend Eileen Songer-McCarthy suggested I visit the taco truck at Flowers Park in New Rochelle, I never thought to check it out.

Well, I am very glad to rectify that oversight, because the tacos from Teca’s Tacos were amazing. Three tacos with the works fueled me up just before my first town hall in Mamaroneck yesterday. Teca’s Tacos’ home base is at 123 Union Avenue in the West End of New Rochelle, but the truck is stationed on Fifth Avenue, right by New Rochelle’s major athletic center.

There’s been a lot of positive commentary about food trucks, and it’s good to see the trend represented so well here in Westchester.

Later in the day, as I was leaving a health and wellness fair in Yonkers sponsored by Councilman Chris Johnson, this view of the Palisades from Trevor Park (just by the Hudson River Museum) stopped me in my tracks. The photo really doesn’t do justice to the vista, which was complemented by a sailboat that drifted off to the right, a few seconds before I took the image.  Beautiful.