Don’t be confused by Republican Rob Astorino’s hit piece on New Rochelle’s taxes. Noam has a strong record of balanced budgets that promote economic growth, protect essential services, and lower the property tax burden.


  • When you compare apples to apples, you’ll see that New Rochelle has the lowest municipal tax rate of Westchester’s big cities.
  • New Rochelle has the lowest municipal workforce in the city’s modern history — accomplished without disruptive layoffs that would hurt the economy.
  • Noam has helped attract hundreds of millions in private investment to New Rochelle, delivering nearly $8.5 million to taxpayers every year.

And Astorino’s record is not as clear as he’d like you to believe.

  • Westchester taxpayers have paid more than $800 million for tax increases since Astorino took office.
  • Rob Astorino has borrowed tens of millions of dollars to pay for operating costs — including $48 million in loans for 2013 alone — ensuring that taxpayers will bear a larger burden in future years.
  • Astorino has passed the buck and pushed fees and rate increases down the ladder, increasing the tax burden for local towns and cities.
  • At the same time he’s been laying off civil servants, Astorino’s been giving big raises to his political cronies.

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— Jeremy Sherber
Campaign Manager