Throughout the campaign, Noam will be visiting restaurants across Westchester County on recommendations from all of you and reporting back on them. We’ve received dozens of restaurant suggestions already, and need you to keep sending in what your neighborhood favorite is. This is the third dispatch from those visits.


If you think this photo is from a family vacation at some exotic locale, think again. It’s the Irvington waterfront on the Hudson, just outside the restaurant Red Hat. Catie and the kids just returned from a couple of weeks away, and a rare celebratory night together was in order.

The food at Red Hat was almost as good as the setting, although we had different favorites. Catie and the boys gave the nod to corn risotto and the crab cake; I liked the scallop carpaccio. My cucumber gimlet, half-consumed in this photo, certainly hit the spot, too. Our family nights out are few and far between these days, and we try to make the most of them, so thanks to Connie Kehoe for this great recommendation!

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t share a picture from when Catie, Jeremy, and Owen were on vacation. Since they were even smaller, a sure tactic for getting a laugh out of Jeremy and Owen has been to talk about Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (He’s the kid who falls into the chocolate pond and gets swept up into a tube.) So when Catie and the boys went to a live action performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, an after-show photo with Mr. Gloop himself was a must. That young actor seems like a good fellow, but he ought to pack on a few pounds to really nail the part.