Too often, campaigns are reduced to sound bites. But leadership depends on more than slogans – it requires clear priorities, a plan of action, and openness to good ideas from any source.

That’s why I am holding a series of town hall meetings all around Westchester, so that all of us can have an in depth conversations about the key issues and about our choice this November. So far, we’ve had two overflow events with many more to come.

I hope you can make it to one of our upcoming gatherings, but even if you can’t, I still want to hear from you. Please take a moment to watch the video below featuring a short summary of my town hall presentation, and then use the form on this page to tell us how you’d make Westchester even better.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be highlighting the three best ideas you submit and incorporating them into my platform going forward.

I am honored to count you as a partner in public service. And I hope to see you soon.