In response to attacks on Mayor Noam Bramson’s positions on gun safety leveled by Assemblymember Kieran Lalor today, Bramson campaign spokesman Barry Caro issued the following response:

“Our campaign is happy to debate far right extremists like Kieran Lalor and Rob Astorino any day of the week on gun safety legislation. There’s a reason Westchester County voters, in a swing district, only gave Lalor 37% of our vote during his unsuccessful campaign for Congress in 2008 – because his views are badly out of step with our own.”

“Noam Bramson believes we need to ban assault weapons, limit high capacity magazines, and ensure we have truly universal background checks. Astorino brought gun shows back to the County Center and opposes common sense gun safety legislation. That difference is one reason why the radical right – personified today by Kieran Lalor – is rallying to Astorino’s side.”


Assemblymember Kieran Lalor (R, C, I – Fishkill) released a statement today attacking Noam Bramson’s position on gun safety legislation. (Hudson Valley Insider, July 16, 2013, LINK)

At a Town Hall meeting earlier this month, Rob Astorino opposed any state ban on Assault Weapons and ridiculed the concept of magazine capacity limits. (The Journal News, July 10, 2013, LINK)

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is a bipartisan group that includes the Mayors of the six largest cities in America, and numerous Mayors in Westchester County – including at least one Westchester Republican. (Source: Mayors Against Illegal Guns Website, LINK)

Mayors Against Illegal Guns issued a statement in response to the mistake Lalor criticized. “It was a mistake, it should not have happened and we sincerely apologize.” (Washington Post, June 19, 2013, LINK)