The Westchester County Independence Party announced today that it has endorsed New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson in his campaign for Westchester County Executive. The endorsement is significant. No Republican has won countywide election for two decades without the support of Westchester’s Independence Party.

“Four years ago, we and many independent voters thought that Rob Astorino could be an ‘independent thinker’ who would tackle the important issues facing our County. His four years in office have proven that hope wrong,” said Independence Party Chairman Dr. Giulio Cavallo. “The endless march of local property tax increases has not slowed on Astorino’s watch; no amount of spin or cherry-picked numbers can change the fact that our property taxes are up over the four years Astorino’s been in charge.”

“Astorino may have succeeded in passing the buck for County services, but taxpayers have still been left with the bill. Combined with his radical social agenda and failure to pursue meaningful job creation strategies, it’s clear that we can — and must — do better.”

“Noam Bramson, by contrast, has a clear plan to get Westchester County government moving again, provide relief to Westchester taxpayers, and create jobs. As Mayor of New Rochelle he’s proven he can keep taxes low while making the investments we need to attract businesses and improve our business climate. That’s a record I am proud to support,” Cavallo concluded.

New Rochelle Noam Bramson said, “Rob Astorino doesn’t share Westchester’s values. That’s why independent voters across the county are turning against his divisive, radical right-wing record. Westchester needs a coherent, forward-looking strategy to attract jobs, strengthen communities, and reform government to cut costs. I look forward to working with the Independence Party to build a healthier regional economy, giving all of us a chance to succeed.”

Noam Bramson has served as the Mayor of New Rochelle for seven years and was reelected in 2011 with a record-breaking 79% of the vote. Prior to becoming Mayor, Bramson served for ten years on the New Rochelle City Council. A life-long Westchester resident and a product of New Rochelle public schools, Bramson championed successful economic development initiatives that brought millions of dollars of investment to our region and spearheaded New Rochelle’s award-winning sustainability plan. Under his leadership, New Rochelle has also maintained the lowest municipal tax rate among Westchester’s big cities.