Noam Bramson’s campaign for County Executive announced today that Board of Legislator Chairman Ken Jenkins has been named Campaign Co-chair in the effort to unseat incumbent Rob Astorino.

Jenkins’ new prominent position on Bramson’s campaign is a significant step forward in unifying the party after a hard-fought but cordial contest for the Democratic nomination ended with Bramson’s selection at a county-wide convention of Democratic district leaders last month.

“Sharing the campaign trail this spring with Ken was an honor,” said Bramson, “and I am grateful that we will now continue to work together on our shared goal of bringing positive change to Westchester.”

Bramson continued, “Ken has been standing up to the Astorino administration’s right-wing, short-sighted policies on a daily basis for the past three years. I am excited for the experience and insight he will bring to our campaign.”

Said Jenkins, “Since the convention ended, I have urged all my friends and supporters to put the full force of their energy and enthusiasm behind Noam’s campaign, and I’m ready to do the same thing — I will be working tirelessly to elect Noam as Westchester’s next County Executive.”

“Noam and I share the same goals for Westchester,” continued Jenkins, “and we share Westchester’s mainstream values. I have no doubt that people from Yonkers to North Salem will rally around his vision and his leadership. I know I will be doing all I can to ensure Noam’s victory in November.”