Peter Parsons“The platforms of each of our three candidates are a country mile better than that of the incumbent, so this endorsement is not about policy. It is about Noam’s experience and record as an executive — and even more, about my enthusiastic belief that Noam will win in November.

“As Mayor of New Rochelle, he has led a community whose diversity in many ways reflects that of the whole of Westchester. During his seven years as Mayor, Noam has accumulated an impressive record of successful economic development initiatives and measures to make New Rochelle more inclusive and affordable, while still delivering responsible budgets. Noam’s personal leadership on environmental issues has been outstanding, as exemplified by New Rochelle’s award-winning sustainability plan.

“As a Town Supervisor, I know that Mayors and Supervisors must be responsive to each individual in the community they serve. They must reach out to create broad coalitions of support while remaining true to their values. This is very different from the perspective of a legislator who is elected to represent a party and its particular point of view. Especially in this economic climate, we need to elect an experienced executive. Noam Bramson is it.

“Noam’s record was overwhelmingly endorsed by the citizens of New Rochelle when he won 79% of the vote in the last election. To achieve this record-setting win, he ran strongly with each population segment – all this in a city where Rob Astorino won in 2009. I believe that Noam’s vigor, infectious enthusiasm, smarts, and charisma will ensure a handsome margin of victory versus Astorino.

“I trust Noam to win and go on to be an outstanding County Executive.”