New Rochelle Mayor wins coveted endorsement from State Senator and former County Democratic Chair

Sen. George LatimerIn a letter emailed to Democratic district leaders today, State Senator George Latimer endorsed Mayor Noam Bramson of New Rochelle and called him “best positioned for success” in a general election matchup with Rob Astorino for Westchester County Executive.

Latimer, a former Chairperson of the Westchester County Democratic Party who was elected to the State Senate last year, is highly regarded among Democrats. He had been neutral in the Democratic contest for County Executive until now, and his endorsement signals a move to Bramson with less than three weeks remaining until the Democratic convention on April 24th.

Acknowledging the “Democratic credentials” and “core values” of all three candidates, Latimer nevertheless offered Bramson his “full support.” He said, “I am convinced that Noam Bramson is the right person to represent our party in November and to lead our County come January.”

Latimer stressed Bramson’s record of accomplishments in New Rochelle, saying, “Noam has guided his hometown with vision, perseverance, and a good dose of practicality. He’s pursued effective economic development, promoted sound environmental practices, and approved responsible budgets with balanced priorities.”

Latimer raised the image of his own challenging campaign for State Senate in 2012 to make the case that Bramson is the Democrat with the best chance to defeat incumbent Rob Astorino in the general election. “I know what the GOP attack machine looks like,” he said, “and I know what it takes to win.” He called Bramson “a spirited campaigner, a powerful communicator, and a capable fundraiser.”

Latimer closed on a more personal note, praising Bramson for his idealistic pursuit of good policy, his integrity, and his commitment to his community. “I endorse Noam Bramson,” said Latimer, “but more importantly, like many others who have worked with him, I admire Noam Bramson.”

Latimer’s endorsement bookends a month of statements from current and past elected officials in support of the Bramson campaign. Congresswoman Nita Lowey, State Assembly Members Amy Paulin, Sandy Galef, and Tom Abinanti, as well as local mayors, supervisors, council members, and trustees from all parts of the county have been joining the Bramson campaign in recent weeks.

George Latimer represents the 37th Senate District that stretches from Yonkers to Port Chester to Katonah. Prior to his election to the State Senate in 2021, Latimer was a member of the State Assembly; before that he served as Chair of the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

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