Sen. George Latimer“Choosing one Democrat from a field of deserving candidates can be hard. Each brings distinct talents and experiences to the table. Each has friends and colleagues advocating on his behalf. And each has strong Democratic credentials and shares our core values.

“But on April 24, we will select just one of them to be our nominee for County Executive. With the stakes so high and time running out, I feel an obligation to share with you my choice, and here it is: Noam Bramson has earned my full support. Let me tell you why.

“First, as Mayor of New Rochelle through tough economic times, Noam has guided his hometown with vision, perseverance, and a good dose of practicality. He’s pursued effective economic development, promoted sound environmental practices, and approved responsible budgets with balanced priorities. Noam has made bold contributions to New Rochelle’s dramatic transformation.

“Second, Noam gives us the best chance for victory in November. Take it from me — after last year’s campaign, I know what the GOP attack machine looks like, and I know what it takes to win. Beating Rob Astorino will require raising a sizable war chest, energizing our Democratic base, and persuading the independent voters who swung Republican in 2009. Noam has already shown that he can meet all three of these tests. He is a spirited campaigner, a powerful communicator, and a capable fundraiser. Any of our Democratic candidates could win — but in a race with no room for error, Noam is best positioned for success.

“Lastly, Noam is an idealist. Don’t get me wrong — politics in New Rochelle can be a contact sport, and Noam is plenty tough. But Noam approaches public life with a genuine desire to do good, he makes decisions on the merits, he truly cares about the community he serves, and he treats people with respect. So, yes, I endorse Noam Bramson — but more importantly, like many others who have worked with him, I admire Noam Bramson.

“You and I have a big responsibility on April 24. The election for County Executive will shape the future of our region for years to come and affect hundreds of thousands of lives. I am convinced that Noam Bramson is the right person to represent our party in November and to lead our County come January. Please join me in supporting Noam Bramson at the Democratic convention on April 24.”