Miguel Hernandez“I am asking everyone I know to vote for Noam Bramson for County Executive.

“What sets Noam Bramson apart from the two other fine Democrats in this race is that Noam has the sustained executive experience needed to lead County government. As Mayor of New Rochelle, Noam has worked in a collaborative way with neighborhood representatives, business leaders, and city officials to find creative solutions to the city’s toughest challenges.

“If you have studied Noam as I have, you will soon realize that Noam is not about Noam. It is about doing the greatest good for the greatest number. His trademark is humility. Don’t confuse that quality with weakness or reticence. He has an absolute, obsessive, burning ambition — for the cause. That cause is the power of inclusion, the power of language, the power of shared interests, and the power of coalition — a power that is sparingly used and rarely visible.

“Noam Bramson believes with all his heart and soul, as I do, that the greatness of a community is not dependent on the ambition of one person but on the cooperation of many. Westchester badly needs his brand of leadership.”

Miguel Hernandez is the former Mayor of Ossining.