Justin Wagner“Last November, my campaign for the State Senate against Greg Ball fell short by just a whisker, but I was very proud to carry Westchester County with a healthy margin. I certainly learned a thing or two about going up against a well-funded Tea Party incumbent. It takes dedicated supporters, an experienced and hard-working staff, and a candidate with the ability to make the case for our shared values.

“In this year’s campaign for County Executive, one Democrat meets these tests better than any other — Noam Bramson.

“Noam has offered a compelling, forward-looking message, backed up by effective organization and superior fundraising. And he has proven his political chops in New Rochelle, a large and diverse city with major challenges. In 2009, Rob Astorino carried New Rochelle. Two years later, Noam won re-election with a record 79% of the vote.

“Quite simply, Noam Bramson is the strongest candidate to take on Rob Astorino and then bring positive change to Westchester. Noam will be a principled, effective County Executive … and he’s the Democrat with the best chance to win the job.”