If you are interested in our community, want to demonstrate some hometown pride, or simply enjoy supporting great volunteer efforts, you won’t want to miss two new books that showcase New Rochelle.

The first is entitled “One Day: Photos of Life in New Rochelle,” and it features photographs taken throughout our city on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10). Spearheaded by New Rochelle resident Karen Hessel with assistance from many volunteer photographers and organizers, the book provides a community portrait that is both sweeping and intimate. You can order a copy at online, find out more about the project, and preview a series of fantastic aerial shots of New Rochelle. And you can read more about the volunteers who made this publication possible in this Journal News account.

The second is a collection of historical postcards of New Rochelle, assembled and annotated by our wonderful City Historian, Barbara Davis. Called simply “New Rochelle,” this is the second book authored by Ms. Davis, and it will be a big hit with local history buffs. You can order a copy online.

These terrific new books are a great way to get ready for the city’s 325th birthday next year, so sincere thanks to Ms. Hessel and Ms. Davis. And be sure to order your copies!