Think about the thousands of tickets to major sporting events that never get used. Season-ticket holders who miss occasional games. Corporations that own large blocks of tickets that don’t get handed out. Or just plain folks who have a last minute conflict.

Then think about how many young sports fans from underprivileged backgrounds would absolutely love to take in a game at Citi Field or Giants Stadium or any number of other venues — an experience that might, under ordinary circumstances, be entirely inaccessible.

Sounds like an opportunity to do something good, right? Well, fortunately, New Rochelle resident David Bieber has created an organization called Seats of Dreams that provides donated sports and entertainment tickets to children who are disadvantaged, ill, or disabled.

You can learn much more on the Seats of Dreams website.

So if you have tickets to donate or if you represent an organizations that serves youngsters who might benefit from tickets, think about getting in touch with Seats of Dreams.