Faithful readers are well aware that, despite my near-total lack of athletic ability, I am sometimes willing to risk embarrassment for the sake of a good cause.

So it is that you will find me this Tuesday, July 31, at the beautifully renovated Flowers (City) Park on Fifth Avenue participating in the WFAN All-Stars Celebrity Softball Game. The event will help to celebrate the completion of the City Park reconstruction, a multi-phase project to transform this well-used public space into one of the finest recreational facilities in the county.

The game will feature a few other city officials and locals, as well as players from the New Rochelle Parks & Recreation Adult Softball League Program, who will undoubtedly raise the level of play significantly. Some well-known sports figures are likely to be part of the action.

This is all made possible by Craig Carton, the co-host of the top-rated “Boomer and Carton” morning show on WFAN. Craig is a former New Rochelle resident, a graduate of NRHS, and — little known fact — classmate and friend of mine all the way back through kindergarten. Coach Harold Crocker is taking a key lead role in organizing the event, alongside Commissioner Bill Zimmermann.

First pitch is at 6:00 pm. Food and beverages will be available throughout the game. Please join us!