If I have a frustration with our community, it is that great artistic and cultural events are often poorly attended. There are probably lots of explanations: insufficient publicity and communication, the long and thin geography of the city, false perceptions about certain venues and/or parts of town, and the insularity that can be the unfortunate flipside of our terrific diversity. Whatever the reason, I often drop by amazing events to find only a handful of folks in attendance. And then people complain that there is nothing to do! If we want to have a vibrant artistic and cultural scene, and if we want focal points of our city, like our downtown, to thrive, then we should take advantage of opportunities to gather together and enjoy what New Rochelle has to offer. Let me now descend from my soapbox, and extend an invitation.

New Rochelle’s Jazz Fest is this weekend at Library Green. There will be performances on both Saturday and Sunday, from noon until dusk. Some really top-notch talent will be here in our community.

You can relax on the green, grab something to eat at one of the nearby restaurants, let the kids run around, meet neighbors and friends, and help establish and sustain a great New Rochelle jazz tradition. The whole event has a relaxed vibe that lets you stroll in or out at your leisure, and you’ll never find an easier way to support our community. Please come and please spread the word.