When the City Council adopted a budget for 2012, we had no choice but to make a range of difficult cuts. Among the line items that the Council reluctantly eliminated was financial support for the annual Memorial Day parade, Thanksgiving parade, and July 4th fireworks display. We did so hoping that voluntary donations from the community would enable these events to continue. In the case of the parades, that was a realistic hope, but for the much more expensive fireworks display, our expectations were low.

To my surprise and pleasure, the City has just received an exceptionally generous donation from the S.E.L.F. – Help Foundation, a local not-for-profit organization that places community support and involvement at the center of its mission. Thanks to this contribution and other donations, we can now say confidently that the show will go on!

New Rochelle’s annual fireworks display is enjoyed by thousands of people, so it’s great news that this much beloved tradition — and celebration of American independence — has been rescued (at least for this year) by the voluntary support of our own residents.

So please join us at the New Rochelle waterfront on Wednesday, July 4th at 9:30pm for a terrific show from the world-famous Grucci company. There will be good viewing from all waterfront parks, especially Hudson Park and Five Islands Park. Any many thanks to S.E.L.F. – Help and other donors who answered the call for assistance.