For eight years, I had the great pleasure of sitting next to Joe Fosina at City Council meetings. Joe brought to the table a straight-shooting, common sense approach to issues and a genuine passion for New Rochelle. Plus, he was incredibly funny, with an on-point (and occasionally off-color) anecdote at the ready for just about every discussion. It didn’t matter that we belonged to different political parties, I admired Joe tremendously and learned a lot from him.

Although most folks in New Rochelle probably know Joe through his work in local government or as the long-time head of Youth Tackle, he’s earned a living as a sales rep for Riddell, the athletic company responsible for reconditioning New York Yankees uniforms. And that’s given Joe a close association with the team, plus a neat nickname: “The Tailor.”

Which brings me to the purpose of this post — a big profile of Joe in the new 2012 Yankees Yearbook. Check it out. It’s a fun read, especially if you’re a sports fan.