As previously reported, I had the pleasure — if that’s the right word — of participating this past Sunday in “The Stride,” the annual 5K race sponsored by Sound Shore Medical Center. The event was a big success, with lots of runners participating, a nice amount raised for diabetes care, and a general feeling of good cheer.

For me, the morning started on an unpleasant note. I woke up with a 24-hour stomach bug that eventually landed me in bed for the day. I probably should have opted out of the race, but decided that the embarrassment of a last-minute bailout would be worse than any physical discomfort. And, besides, if Cory Booker can rescue people from burning buildings, the least I can do is run three miles with a sour stomach.

Well, I am happy to report that I crossed the finish line in a respectable (albeit entirely unspectacular) time of 25 minutes and change. That’s me on the right in the photo above. I came down the stretch with Marty Friedrichs, a much better runner and all-around great guy. With my stomach churning, I thought seriously about leaving the field about 3/4 of the way through, but Marty really pushed me to the end. Thanks, Marty!

The Stride used to be essentially my only run of the year, but I’ve since joined New Ro Runners, and hope to be a more faithful participant in their activities during the coming months. Maybe I can bump up to three or four annual runs, and next year get my 5K time into the lower 20s.