What American youngster, growing up here in our great nation and thinking about his or her future, doesn’t dream of one day winning a Heissenbuttel Award?

Well, OK, maybe not. And I’ll admit that, until a couple of days ago, I had never heard of the Heissenbuttel. But, it turns out to be a pretty big deal.

The Heissenbuttel Award is one of a handful of honors given annually by the New York Planning Federation for outstanding accomplishment in the planning field. And this year’s Heissenbuttel goes to . . . GreeNR, the New Rochelle Sustainability Plan.

GreeNR was produced through an outstanding partnership among citizen volunteers and municipal staff. Since its approval last year by the Council, it has helped shape City action on multiple fronts, and it will continue serving as a useful framework for local policy-making over the next twenty years.

Achieving positive outcomes for our environment, economy, and community is its own reward, but it is certainly nice to see this terrific collaborative effort recognized by experts in the field at a state-wide level. So congratulations to all who were responsible for this accomplishment.