Traffic speed is a major concern in many neighborhoods throughout New Rochelle. While enforcement can be effective in promoting safety, it is not possible to maintain consistent Police presence at all the locations that require attention. That is why making a physical change in a roadway is often the better solution.

Several years ago, the City launched a traffic calming program aimed at looking at this priority in a comprehensive way. Unfortunately, that program, like many others, was discontinued as a result of the ongoing fiscal crunch. The City is now preparing to implement a less costly alternative strategy that utilizes speed humps. (Speed humps are essentially elongated speed bumps — less jarring to drive over and more appropriate for public roads.)

On Tuesday, the Council reviewed a “Speed Hump Program Manual” prepared by our Traffic Engineer. It describes the standards by which roads would be deemed eligible for speed humps and by which residents could apply for temporary and then permanent speed hump installation. Priorities would be determined by objective criteria, and neighborhoods that are prepared to privately fund the installation of speed humps could accelerate the process.

Speed humps are certainly not appropriate for every street, and substantial neighborhood support would be a prerequisite to any action, but it will be good to have another arrow in our quiver when it comes to make New Rochelle’s residential areas safer.

Before implementing the program, the Council will have to provide a final sign-off. We will also receive comments from our Traffic Advisory Committee.

The Speed Hump Manual contains many additional details, as well as application materials. For more information, you can also contact the City’s Traffic Engineer, Michael Briska, at 654-2135.