I am honored to report that the citizens of New Rochelle entrusted me Tuesday with another term as mayor. The breadth and scope of our victory was especially gratifying — we won about 80% of the vote, the largest margin in the modern history of our city, sweeping every neighborhood.

Voters also awarded victories to four of my running mates: Jared Rice, Ivar Hyden, Barry Fertel and Shari Rackman. In District 1, incumbent Republican Louis Trangucci narrowly defeated Democrat Roberto Lopez. In District 2, Albert Tarantino was reelected without opposition. I am delighted to have a capable and responsible team at my side.

During campaigns, we sharpen distinctions in order to clarify choices. But once the campaign ends, we have an obligation to set aside differences and work together on behalf of the common good. And so, although my party will now enjoy a five-to-two supermajority on the Council, I intend to govern without regard to party affiliation, welcoming the talents, perspectives and contributions of each of my colleagues, in the full knowledge that they all represent distinct constituencies that must be respected.

Catie and I are enormously grateful to all who made our victory possible. Whether you offered good advice, or spoke with friends, or made phone calls, or displayed a lawn sign, or distributed literature, or made a financial contribution, or simply cast your ballot, we thank you for your trust, and we will never take it for granted. It is truly humbling to receive the confidence of one’s neighbors, and it is now my responsibility to justify that confidence through deeds.

Like every city in America, New Rochelle faces enormous challenges that require our immediate attention. Tomorrow, in fact, the City Manager will release his draft budget for 2012, a document likely to be filled with hard choices. Despite our overwhelming margin of victory, I know that voters did not go the polls in a celebratory mood to give me a pat on the back. Rather they hired me and the City Council to do a tough job, and they expect us to serve the community with seriousness of purpose and an eye to the future.

That is my commitment.

(I also have a personal commitment to Catie and the kids to spend a little more time with my family in the remaining weeks of the year, and to find at least a few days for a much-needed break.)

Thank you again for your partnership. It has been a privilege beyond words to serve, and I am eager to seize every opportunity for progress. Let’s get back to work.