Construction has finally begun on the the long-awaited Heritage Homes project. Once completed, Heritage Homes will replace the mid-rise apartment buildings that constitute the Hartley Houses complex with new affordable town homes.

Heritage Homes has enjoyed strong community support, and with good reason. It offers the prospect of better-quality affordable housing for those who need it, configured in a fashion that encourages a greater sense of ownership among residents and that integrates the development into the fabric of the surrounding neighborhood in terms of both scale and street alignment. The resulting impact on the center city area of New Rochelle will be dramatically positive.

The project represents a true partnership, linking the efforts of multiple levels of government. City, County, State, and federal officials all played an essential role in Heritage Homes’ complicated financing structure, with the New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority in the lead role.

I’d say more, but this article in Patch lays it out very well, so I simply recommend the Patch article in full.