Catie and I woke this morning to the sound of wrappers crinkling in the living room. Sure enough, the boys were up early — arranging, cataloguing, and swapping their haul of sweets from last night. (In case you’re wondering, Kit-Kats came out way ahead by quantity, while Almond Joy was the most coveted item, based on the intensity of haggling on the Bramson trading floor.) Next stop: the dentist!

For costumes this year, Owen was Mario (of the video game franchise), one of several Marios we encountered during our trick-or-treating rounds. Jeremy, to my pleasure, opted for a classic out of the Bugs Bunny – Warner Brothers stable: Marvin the Martian (“You are making me very angry!”) I am not quite sure what to make of their poses in this photo: Owen is in a sort of hip-hop stance, and Jeremy looks menacing with his ray-gun, so I am also sharing another recent shot from a pumpkin patch, as a reminder that the kids are capable of appearing normal and cute.

As for the grown-ups, I think top prize in our little trick-or-treating group goes to Diane and Larry Luftig, who dressed as the 99% and the 1% respectively. Not a lot of labor involved in creating their outfits, but timely, and very, very clever.

Alas, as this last photo shows, for me and Catie it was not the finest hour. Yes, Lady Liberty looks fetching, but the torch is a toy microphone. And me? Well, I close by affirming that Sponge Bob offers the responsible leadership and positive change New Rochelle needs.

Happy Halloween.