The media is already obsessed with the ins and outs of a presidential election still more than a year away. But let’s not forget that there is another election coming up first. On November 8th, just about a month from now, voters in New Rochelle will select our next mayor and also determine the composition of the entire City Council. These choices will have a profound impact on the character and direction of our community.

There are only a few chances for voters to see both mayoral candidates side-by-side addressing the issues facing New Rochelle. But, luckily, we now have the ability to share these events widely on the web.

The first mayoral debate of the political season was hosted yesterday by the Journal News editorial board. You can watch the full encounter between myself and my opponent, Richard St. Paul, right here:



There are plenty of substantive and stylistic contrasts evident between us, and I’ll leave it to others to judge who “won.” But I’m certainly glad to have had the opportunity to address my record and objectives and to rebut directly several misleading claims and charges.

These are challenging times for all cities, including New Rochelle, and this is when thoughtful, responsible leadership, firmly committed to positive change, is most important. So I urge you to watch this debate when you have the time, and to let your friends know that they can watch here as well.