As a parent, I cannot fathom what form of rage or illness would lead a father to deliberately harm a child, yet we know that domestic violence is all-too-common in our world, and this morning a tragic and senseless incident occurred in New Rochelle.

At approximately 8:00 am, a 61-year-old man from New York City shot and critically wounded his daughter, age 34. He then committed suicide by turning the gun on himself. The victim, a New Rochelle resident, is assumed to have been on her way to work via Metro-North when she was confronted by her father on Memorial Highway, near Station Plaza. Although this incident occurred at a busy location, thankfully no one else was injured. As of now, the father’s motive is unknown, and the crime is under investigation.

It is difficult to draw any lessons from such an awful event, beyond empathy for those impacted and a renewed appreciation for the loving bonds of family most of us have the good fortune to enjoy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and her relatives.