With the election just around the corner, I want to take a moment to share a few thoughts about the team that can best lead our city for the next four years.

Although he is a first-time candidate, Ivar Hyden has been more deeply involved in civic leadership and has contributed more fully to the common good than many long-serving elected officials. What’s more, his experiences and skills are perfectly matched to the Fourth Council District, which encompasses both cohesive neighborhoods and our central business district. Here are just a few of Ivar’s credentials:

Small Business Owner: Ivar owns the Backstreet Gallery on Lawton Street, just across from Library Green. As a small business owner and former downtown resident, Ivar understands firsthand the challenges and opportunities confronting our central business district, and has been at the forefront of offering constructive solutions, often in partnership with our Business Improvement District.

District 4 map. Click for larger image.

Neighborhood Leader: Currently a resident of Glenwood Lake, Ivar has been an active part of his neighborhood association, and he appreciates the essential role of strong and healthy neighborhoods in defining New Rochelle’s quality of life and civic character. He’ll be a great spokesperson for neighborhood priorities and also an outstanding communicator, who can identify common interests that span many neighborhoods.

Artist: Finally, Ivar has been a leader in the arts community, presently serving as the Chairperson of the New Rochelle Municipal Arts Commission. For those who believe that the arts and culture must be a defining part of New Rochelle’s future, it will be wonderful to have a champion of this priority at the Council table.