Remember that old series of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup TV ads in which someone with a chocolate bar collided with someone else carrying peanut butter, and — voila — a new taste sensation was created. OK, the analogy is a bit stretched and corny, but I can’t help but think of those ads, as I look forward to the new public art installation at Ward Acres.

The Ward Acres Community Garden has been among the most successful recent volunteer initiatives in New Rochelle, bringing together scores of gardeners who have activated a previously under-utilized portion of the park, formed great friendships, helped feed the needy, and introduced many residents to the pleasures of local agriculture.

At the same time, New Rochelle’s cultural life has benefited from the talents and organizational efforts of members of our arts community. And the City, meanwhile, has worked to promote public art in connection with major development.

Chocolate, meet peanut butter.

Called, “The Meeting Place,” the plan at Ward Acres envisions a set of several installations, all with common materials and elements. These include a Mosaic Fountain, Rainbow Bench, Serpentine Bench, Drinking Fountain, Rain Catcher Totem Pole, and Tree Stump Stools. They will serve a practical purpose and will also enliven an already beautiful space with their whimsical design. The project is made possible entirely through private funding and donations.

All involved deserve thanks.