The Remington Unit of the Boys and Girls Club is a well-used community center located just south of Lincoln Park. Every week, countless youngsters visit Remington for sports, play, and enriching activities of many kinds. Remington also serves as a venue for occasional civic events and volunteer projects. Although owned by the City, it is managed and operated by the Boys and Girls Club of New Rochelle, a private not-for-profit organization.

This week the leadership of the Boys and Girls Club presented to the Council an ambitious plan to renovate the Remington Unit and greatly increase its value to the community.

Among other things, the plan envisions: the creation of a Kids’ Cafe, which will provide nutritious food and instruction in culinary arts; renovation of the entry from the Prince Street parking area, which is technically the “back-door” but functionally serves as the front; comprehensive energy improvements to promote efficiency; and a general upgrade of the interior spaces.

The project will be phased, so that most of the building will remain usable during construction of any single portion. If construction bids exceed expectations, later phases can be indefinitely deferred until funding becomes available.

Speaking of funding, the project will be paid for by reserves set aside when the Boys and Girls Club sold their South Side unit to the YMCA, supplemented by private fund-raising and donated materials. No tax dollars are expected to be utilized.

For the kids who use the Remington Unit today, for their parents, and for all those who have fond memories of their own childhood, this project is a welcome step forward.