New Rochelle is blessed with many properties of historic, architectural, or cultural significance. In some cases, these may be buildings or sites we pass every day without recognizing their place in the city’s long history. The goal of New Rochelle’s Heritage Awards is to raise public awareness about important properties and help ensure that New Rochelle’s heritage is valued by future generations.

The fourth annual Heritage Awards were presented this week to three sites: The Soldier’s Monument at the intersection of Main and Huguenot Streets, which was erected in 1895 and 1896; the Leonard Talner Building on Main Street, a well-preserved example of the Art Deco style of New Rochelle’s boom years in the 1920s; and the Daniel Webster Magnet Elementary School, built in 1930 and designed to reflect the style of the surrounding homes in the then-newly-developed Glenwood Lake neighborhood. There are many more fascinating details, so if you are interested, I encourage you to read the announcement of these awards.

I offer thanks to the Heritage Task Force, led by City Historian Barbara Davis, for their great work in sustaining this program. I also thank those who completed Heritage applications.