The Huguenot Children’s Library on North Avenue is a special place for young readers (and pre-readers). With my own sons finishing their first years of school, I’m particularly aware of the role reading can play in expanding a child’s mind, imagination, and expressive ability.

So it is a pleasure for me to participate this Saturday in the Funtastic Read-a-Thon, during which elementary school students will enjoy an afternoon of reading, with donations pledged from family and friends for every book or chapter they complete. All funds raised will support the Partnership for the Huguenot Children’s Library, a not-for-profit organization that augments the Library’s regular operating budget for capital improvements, special programs, and book purchases. (Full disclosure: my wife, Catie, serves on the Partnership’s volunteer Board of Directors.)

To register for the Read-a-Thon, please contact Barb Francella at You can also find out how to contribute directly to the Partnership for the Huguenot Children’s Library at their website.