The Remington Flyers Track Team of the New Rochelle Boys’ and Girls’ Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a long relay run “from the White House to Our House.” Starting this Friday, the team, made up of 35 youngsters ages seven to twelve, will run the 243 miles from Washington, D.C. in 2- to 3-mile shifts up Route 1 to New Rochelle. They expect to finish the run at 1:30 pm on April 18 at City Hall, and I hope to meet them there … I’ll be the one looking very well rested.

The Remington chapter of the Boys’ and Girls’ Club is a valuable community resource and City partner. And the Flyers have been a big part of that contribution to New Rochelle, helping to raise money every year for important community services. This year’s long relay is in support of the Sound Shore Medical Center.

Online donations are accepted at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club website. Be sure to note “Remington Flyers” if you choose to make a donation.