Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, at both the national and local levels. Especially in this challenging environment, we all have an interest in supporting small businesses and helping them succeed. And if sensible, cost-saving measures that improve a business’ bottom line also have environmental benefits, so much the better.

With these goals in mind, the New Rochelle Business Improvement District (BID) has recently expanded its support of downtown commerce. With local partners like Monroe College, Community Capital Resources, and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the BID has announced a host of new services — many free — to help small business in New Rochelle reach new customers and reduce their expenses.

Among the offerings of the BID’s New Rochelle Downtown Small Business Support Program are:

  • Free energy audits to identify equipment improvements that can lower operating costs, and incentives for making improvements from Con Edison and NYSERDA.
  • Free collection of used cooking oil from downtown restaurants by Grease Lighting, a New Rochelle company that converts waste oil into renewable fuel.
  • Access to business loans through Community Capital Resources, a not-for-profit financial institution based in Hawthorne, NY.
  • Consultation services and workshops offered through the Downtown Small Business Development and Resource Center hosted by Monroe College.

You can read more about these new programs here.