As reported previously, the City has convened a Task Force to help shape a vision for the future of Davids Island. On Thursday, February 17th at 7:00pm, the Task Force will host a forum in the main council chamber of New Rochelle City Hall, during which the public will be invited to offer comments, feedback and suggestions.

As a basis for discussion, the Task Force has just released an Interim Report describing challenges and suggesting preliminary concepts for the Island’s re-use.

Note that the word preliminary is emphasized. The Interim Report is not intended to be a complete analysis or a finished product. Even if the Task Force’s general vision is embraced fully, a host of difficult questions will need to be addressed and resolved. So think of this as the beginning of a community conversation, facilitated by the experts, advocates, and neighborhood representatives who form the membership of the Task Force.

I hope very much that the forum on Thursday will attract attendance and constructive comment. If you have any interest in this subject, please come. And please also spread the word to neighbors and friends.