Begun just a few years ago by NYU graduate Erik Kimel, Peer2Peer Tutors has two aims: to reward high-achieving high school students with after-school earnings, and to match younger students with a tutor who’s not too far removed in age — something that students appear to enjoy. Every tutor is managed by an adult Management Operational Mentor, who works directly with parents to match tutors to individual student needs. I’ve been hearing good things about the program firsthand from local parents.

One-on-one tutoring is available in a wide variety of subjects and foreign languages, including Mandarin, which is new to the New Rochelle School District. (Our son Owen is learning Mandarin in kindergarten and loving it. He is listening to tapes of songs in Mandarin, counting in Mandarin, etc. His pronunciation sounds amazingly authentic to Catie and me, but since our own knowledge of Mandarin is zero, it is hard to know for sure.)

Rates for Peer2Peer Tutors range from $40 – $45 per hour, depending on the package of services chosen. To find out more or to schedule a tutor, please contact Lonna Romeo at 589-7338 or

Here’s Erik Kimel talking about Peer2Peer Tutors’ founding: