I love maps and can stare at them for hours, almost hypnotized. Catie likes to tell the story of how she set eyes on me at the beginning of our first date. I was waiting for her at the bar of a restaurant, doodling a map of the United States on a napkin. Fortunately, she overlooked that bit of strangeness and didn’t immediately walk away. Our older son, Jeremy, has inherited my fascination; together we just completed a large world map jigsaw puzzle.

Well, that’s a long preamble for the following. The County government is in the early stages of creating a new planning document called Westchester 2025. When completed, it will contain a great number of tools for evaluating land use options, build-out scenarios, environmental constraints and challenges, etc. You can find out more information on the Westchester 2025 website.

This land use map of New Rochelle is among the early products of the effort — a helpful (and, for me, mesmerizing) way to view our community. I expect that many more maps and planning tools will follow from the Westchester 2025 project.