Statement of Mayor Noam Bramson on Behalf of the New Rochelle City Council & Administration

Jim Stowe’s passing is a devastating loss to our community. He will be greatly missed by his colleagues in City government and by the countless residents whose lives he touched through service.

The entire City Council, Administration and staff join me in offering heartfelt condolences to Jim’s wife Roxie and to the Stowe family. They will be in the thoughts and prayers of friends and admirers, all of whom understand that New Rochelle has lost one its great leaders.

On the City Council, Jim Stowe was a forceful and fearless advocate for the people of the Third District and a powerful voice for social justice and equality. He played an especially critical role in promoting affordable housing development and in creating new opportunities for young people, and was also fully engaged in all of the major challenges and choices that shape New Rochelle.

But Jim was larger than the City Council and his actions in government were only one aspect of his contributions to our city and our nation. His life was rich beyond measure in its experiences and professional achievements. In every position and role, Jim inspired others through his unshakable integrity and strength of purpose. His example will continue to set a standard for all those who value service to the common good.