Joint Statement Calls for Bipartisan Agreement

Read the Statement of the Council Democrats concerning appointment to the District Three seat.

The City Council has the authority to appoint a representative to fill the District Three seat for the remainder of this calendar year. Mindful that the special election is just weeks away, the Democratic members of the City Council (myself, Marianne Sussman, and Barry Fertel) have issued THIS statement concerning the Council’s appointment power. I encourage you to read the statement in full, but to summarize: we believe that the Council should entrust the selection of a new representative to the voters of District Three and refrain from making any appointment prior to the special election on November 2nd. Once the election is decided, however, we believe that the Council should act immediately to appoint the winner, so that the new representative can get to work right away, without waiting until January 1st. We have urged our Republican colleagues to join us in a bipartisan commitment to appoint the election winner, whether that winner is a Democrat or Republican.

During the brief period during which the seat is vacant, residents of the Third District should be assured that they can contact my office or the office of the City Manager for assistance of any kind. We will work to ensure that every resident of New Rochelle receives the constituent services they expect and deserve.