Iona College is proposing to build a new dormitory for juniors and seniors. The dormitory would contain 393 units of student housing in a ten-story structure on Mayflower Avenue. It would be sited immediately adjacent to the existing Iona dorms on land already owned by the College.

Iona contends that the provision of additional on-campus housing will enable them to compete for better students. They also suggest that by shifting the balance of their student population from commuters to residents, they will reduce the traffic levels and parking demands associated with the College.

Many neighbors, on the other hand, have objected to the concentration of student housing on a single block and raised questions about the quality of life impacts associated with student activity and residency.

The City Council has directed a full environmental review of Iona’s proposal, encompassing all of the issues referenced above, as well as visual impacts, demands on public services and infrastructure, etc. The review process will include several opportunities for formal public input. The City has not yet made any decisions and will suspend judgment until the environmental review is complete.