(Me Looking Like A Jester)

Frances Sternhagen and I read Shakespearean sonnets. I don't plan to wear the hat again.

As part of the New Rochelle Council on the Arts Shakespeare Festival, I was invited to read several of the Bard’s sonnets to a gathering at St. John’s Episcopal Church. Joining me in this honor was Frances Sternhagen, the renowned and much-beloved actress of stage and screen (if you don’t know her name, you definitely know her face.) Both of us wore some appropriate period garb: a modest gold circlet for her, a large feather-topped flouncy hat for me. Not exactly my usual attire.

As you might imagine, Ms. Sternhagen was somewhat more adept than I was at reciting sonnets with the appropriate meter and expression, but as a I pointed out to the assembled crowd, I have extensive experience reading public hearing notices, and that is almost as good as a Tony Award. Translation: I was outclassed in every way.