Local Designers & Businesses Highlighted

Learn more about the BID Downtown Showcase.

Welcome to urban living in New Rochelle. The recent construction of downtown housing has brought new vitality to our central business district. Through a unique partnership involving downtown business owners, Avalon, the City, and local designers, two apartments in Avalon’s second phase have been completely furnished using only local products and talent. The goal of the BID Downtown Showcase is to establish stronger bonds between residents and the business community — raising awareness about all that New Rochelle has to offer and ensuring that our downtown population (and the rest of us, too) have access to the best services close to home. You can view the apartments (numbers 23K and 24A) during public open houses scheduled for the months of October, November, and December. The apartments will also be featured on the annual Sound Shore Medical Center House Tour. To learn much more about the Showcase, the designers, and the participating businesses, visit the BID’s website HERE.