Better Meters at New Roc, Bids Accepted for Library South

Safe, convenient, and attractive public parking is critically important to the health and vitality of our central business district. The City is committed to a multi-year program of parking improvements aimed at making our facilities more user-friendly. Last month, we took two notable steps:

New Roc City: New parking machines have been installed at the New Roc City garage, replacing ten-year-old models that were showing their age in both appearance and reliability. Among other upgrades, the new machines accept credit and debit cards.

Library South: The Library South lot, between Lawton Street and Memorial Highway, is among the most heavily-used and centrally-located in downtown New Rochelle. The Council recently accepted bids for the reconstruction of the lot, with the intent of making it safer and more attractive. This project is paid for by the Parking Enterprise Fund, which derives income from parking meter and permit fees.