Garden Features Native Plants, Helps Control Flooding

A rain garden is a specially designed plot of land that captures rain water runoff and filters it through the ground, diverting it from storm drain systems and reducing downstream flooding. Rain gardens are planted with flood and drought resistant native plants that require little maintenance. Therefore, in addition to being attractive, rain gardens can be critical tools for managing water flow and enhancing water quality in built-out communities like New Rochelle.

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The new Ward School rain garden was created through a partnership between the City of New Rochelle, represented by our Sustainability Coordinator Deborah Newborn, and the Ward School PTA. The garden was designed and directed pro bono by Jay Archer of John Jay Landscape development, with donated plants and labor from a variety of local gardeners and nurseries.

As we work to develop a New Rochelle Sustainability Plan, the City will be studying other “green infrastructure” models that could be utilized on both public and private lands to better manage water.