Potential Development Sites Would Boost Downtown Economy

View the Church-Division-Prospect Presentation to City Council.

Download the presentation materials.

A weak economy presents opportunities to engage in careful planning. In order to best position New Rochelle to move forward when economic conditions improve, the City Council commissioned a planning analysis of the Church-Division and Prospect lots, areas totaling 4.5 acres, both entirely under public ownership and just half a block south of Main Street. (You may recall that these sites had been slated for a large condominium project that will not proceed as a result of the deterioration in the housing market and other factors.)

One possible configuration.

The planning analysis suggests a number of mid-rise housing configurations for the Prospect Lot, coupled with renovation and expansion of the existing Church-Division parking deck. You can view the presentation to the City Council HERE and download the documentation HERE.

The City Council will now review this analysis, as well as a similar study of the Garden Street corridor, and then make a determination on whether and when to proceed with Requests for Qualifications and/or Proposals from developers.