For School & Library Budgets: Yes

A high-quality public school system is essential to the health and vitality of our community. The New Rochelle Schools have done an outstanding job of educating youngsters from every imaginable background, while maintaining a cost structure that is among the most efficient on a per-pupil basis in all of Westchester County. During an economic downturn, when many are financially pressured, it can be difficult to support government budgets, but the New Rochelle Schools provide all of us with exceptional value, and rejection of the School budget would be deeply harmful to our city. Accordingly, I strongly recommend a “yes” vote.

For Board Of Education: Deirdre Polow & Jeffrey Hastie

As of this writing, three candidates are running for two positions on the Board of Education. I enthusiastically support Deirdre Polow and Jeffrey Hastie. Ms. Polow, a Past President of the Board of Education, brings extensive experience to her responsibilities and a demonstrated track record of personal commitment to education. Mr. Hastie, a first-time candidate, is already heavily involved in educational challenges as a PTA President. In addition, his professional background in the corporate world and familiarity with communications technology will be of great value to the Board of Ed.

For Library Board Of Trustees: Tom Leghorn & Emery Schweig

Please don’t forget also to support the much-smaller budget for the New Rochelle Public Library, as well as Tom Leghorn and Emery Schweig, who — again, at this writing — are running unopposed for seats on the Library Board of Trustees.