New Rochelle One Of Just Three Cities Nation-Wide Chosen For Pilot Project

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Earlier this year, the premier international umbrella organization for sustainable communities, called ICLEI, announced an exciting initiative: a handful of cities throughout the nation would be selected to work with ICLEI staff to craft local versions of New York City’s PlaNYC.

PlaNYC is widely regarded as the best long-term municipal planning document in America. It represents an integrated approach to transportation, infrastructure, land use, and much more, with clear objectives and metrics to measure progress. You can find more information about PlaNYC HERE.

Twenty-four cities applied for this tremendous opportunity to tap into ICLEI’s expertise. I am delighted to report that, along with Newark and Miami-Dade, New Rochelle is one of just three communities to be chosen.

During the coming year, we will work to craft a comprehensive blueprint, based on national-caliber knowledge and local community input, for meeting the critical planning challenges of this century, with tremendous potential benefits for all residents of New Rochelle. You will hear much more about this issue as our efforts unfold.