“Sawbucks” Program Offers Dining Discounts

There has never been a better time to experience New Rochelle’s growing and diverse downtown restaurant scene. Through a partnership between the BID (Business Improvement District), City, and participating restaurants, $10 coupons, called “Sawbucks” have been mailed to thousands of households. You can also download coupons HERE or from the BID website at www.newrochelledowntown.com.

“Sawbucks” can be printed and used multiple times at all ten participating restaurants — Bella Bella, Brickyard Bistro, Coromandel, Coyote Flaco, Gnarly Vine, La Herradura, Little Mexican Cafe, Mo’s New York Grill, Posto 22, and Rangoli. The coupons are redeemable from Monday through Thursday until May 31st.

Visit the BID’s website.

Download “Sawbucks” Coupons.

The “Sawbucks” program is more than just a clever marketing campaign. High quality restaurants are essential to downtown New Rochelle’s future, but these are also among the businesses that suffer most during an economic downturn, so eating out in New Rochelle is more than an act of self-indulgence — it also helps support progress in our community.