Like many people, I look ahead to the unfolding year with an odd blend of concern and hope. The economy is dreadful, with serious impacts that extend into every community, including New Rochelle, but I am optimistic that thoughtful and effective policy-making will shorten the duration of the downturn, if not its severity. Locally, we will continue addressing the economic climate through strict budgetary controls and targeted investments, while also remaining energetic in pursuit of the long-term objectives that will shape our city’s future. Maybe that is the theme of this month’s bulletin: that the mission of building a healthy, sustainable community continues in good times and bad, and that seeds of progress can be planted in even the most challenging climate.

Please take note of the invitation to my annual State of the City Address on the evening of Thursday, March 19th. If you would like to attend, reservations should be made through the Chamber of Commerce at 914-632-5700.

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